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Max Keiser on ‘Breaking The Set’ with Abby Martin

In case you were unable to hang in there and read through my entire “Connecting The Dots To Syria” post (sorry it went long again) I now present to you 7:53 min of Max Keiser wrapping it all up in a brief appearance on RT’s ‘Breaking The Set’.

As is often the case, while squeezing in some daily exercise I tuned in to the 6:00 est broadcast on RT. I had just finished trying to collect the sources and info for my post, hoping to have gathered it all into a cohesive post when low and behold there I see Max Keiser queued up for the last segment of the show.

Although Max tends to come across as a caricature at times he does deliver the message in an easy to grasp fashion albeit with a heavy dose of verbal hot sauce!

Max touches on all of these key points:

  • The Fed/Central Bank’s easy-money monetary predicament
  • The military enforcement of the Dollar’s World Reserve Currency status
  • The Syrian Pipeline
  • NSA surveillance
  • The Cyprus “Bail-ins” and how they may have been a test for what is to come to cover the derivatives losses of the too-big-to-jail banks


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