4 comments on “De-Dollarization Continues

  1. I have posted on some of these topics, and they hardly ever get any attention. The American people, for the most part, as you know, have their collective head in the sand.

    Unfortunately, especially for the young, the die seems to be cast, from what I can see. The powers that be have already started sucking up to this East rising routine. They are the rats scurrying away from the ship they are responsible for sinking: they are the iceberg to our Titanic.

    It doesn’t look good for us, that’s for certain. A friend of mine has believed for many years now that the US has outlived its purpose, and so will now be allowed to fall. I believe my friend is right!

    • Thanks for taking the time. Sadly, most are completely oblivious to what is going on…….The US is “spreading democracy” wherever it can to keep the resources of conquerable nations traded in US Dollars to keep the debt ponzi scheme going as long as possible. By creating instability on multiple fronts: Middle East, Ukraine,…and keeping the people afraid of terrorists, cyber threats, etc while they are told the economy is just fine……they’ll have the scapegoats ready when Americans wake up and ask WT@#$% happened?

      • Exactly! This is the message we are all trying to get out there!

        Like you, I sense a responsibility to your children, my friends’ children and future generations to at least try to do something. Political involvement and activism is a waste of time right now, since the powers that be simply use this kind of activity against the people, by keeping them chasing a dangling carrot that doesn’t exist. It is the entire system/order of things that, I believe, must be done away with, so humanity, at some time in the future, can begin anew, and create a world that isn’t filled with this kind of hell every day!

        I try to get here more often, but between reading and posting, I find myself almost warn out some days. I just want you to know I am here to support you, as I know you are for me and others!

  2. Sure, especially for the children. I get p!@#$ed every month when my teenage daughter’s statement from the credit union comes in. Working hard, saving and watching it grow is a real hard philosophy to teach when her nice little pile she has managed to sock away grew by a little over $1 again last month.

    It is sad when practically everything you thought you knew about finances and economic fundamentals can be flushed down the toilet. None of it applies. These artificially suppressed interest rates are robbing savers blind of purchasing power and no one seems to care…….Then again a rise in interest rates would blow the lid off all the derivatives bringing an abrupt end to the whole scheme.

    Thanks! I appreciate the support and the conversation.

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